Day Night HVAC Repair is pleased to be your go-to for HVAC services, day or night. Our skilled team specializes in AC coil cleaning, which is essential for the system’s best performance. You can rely on us to provide you with experienced HVAC solutions that will keep your indoor atmosphere pleasant and healthy.

AC Coil Cleaning

At Day Night HVAC, we’ve got your air conditioner covered with our coil cleaning service. We clean two types of coils in your AC unit: the evaporator coils and the condenser coils. Having clean coils is super important to make sure your air conditioner works really well.

Why AC Coil Cleaning Matters

Think of your air conditioner as a superhero who saves the day by keeping your home nice and cool. However, even heroes need assistance sometimes. We can help with that! When you hire us to clean your air conditioner, we’ll remove the grime that has built up within and is preventing it from functioning at peak efficiency. Our helpful specialists carefully disassemble the coils so they can clean them, then reassemble them thereafter. This keeps your air conditioner functioning well and for longer.

With our expert care, your AC’s inner workings receive the attention they deserve. We don’t just clean the exterior; we make sure every crevice is free of debris that could slow it down. Your cooling companion will benefit from increased efficiency and a longer life span thanks to our thorough approach. Think about the money you’ll save once we’ve cleaned your air conditioner to heroic standards.

ac coil cleaning service
AC Coil Cleaning Service

Protect Your AC’s Magic

The AC coils are the unsung heroes of your air conditioner, right? They eliminate heat and help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. However, if these coils get dirty, it’s like putting on a bulky jacket that prevents them from working their magic. More energy use, higher costs, and an earlier demise of your air conditioner are all possible results.

How Often To Clean?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered, “How often should I clean my AC coils?” Well, it depends on where you live and how dirty things around you are. Usually, once a year is good for most people. However, more cleaning may be required if your environment is particularly dusty, greasy, or warm. The professional mechanics here at Day Night HVAC can help you figure out the right time.

Different Coils, Different Needs

Your AC has two types of coils: the outside ones (condenser coils) and the inside ones (evaporator coils). The condenser coils require additional maintenance because they are constantly exposed to elements such as rain, snow, leaves, insects, and animals. Even if you get your air conditioner serviced once a year, a fast washing once every few weeks during the summer is a good idea. The evaporator coils are protected from debris, but they face their own set of difficulties on the inside. They are exposed to all the air in your home and can gather dust and even tiny creatures. Additionally, they can become dark and damp, making them a cozy spot for mold. Cleaning them regularly will ensure a healthy environment and efficient cooling system.

So remember, keeping your AC coils clean is like giving your air conditioner a big hug! It’s the best way to make sure your AC works great and keeps your home comfy and cool.

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