What To Do If Your Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

Welcome to Day Night HVAC your comfort partner. We always look to fix your problems regarding HVAC Repairs. The job of heat pump is to cool your home in summer and warm it in winter. Many Virginia homeowners love heat pumps for their efficiency. To get the best from them, have regular checks and fix issues right away.

If your heat pump won’t start, look at the thermostat, check parts, and notice other problems.

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Check The Thermostat

First, check your thermostat. Make sure it’s set right for the season. If you fixed or changed your thermostat recently, the problem might be in the installation. Maybe you bought the wrong kind. Some thermostats don’t work with heat pumps. Or, the wiring could be wrong. Bad wiring can damage parts and stop the heat pump.

After checking the settings and wiring, ensure the thermostat sends an “on” signal. An HVAC technician can tell you if it’s sending the signal.

If it won’t start again, look at the thermostat, check parts, and notice other problems.

Check The Components Of The Heat Pump

Check all major parts of your heating system after the thermostat. A damaged part could stopped it   from starting.

Make sure there’s a power switch connected to the heat pump and it’s getting power. Check if circuit breakers tripped. Then check subpanels and the main electrical panel. You can reset circuit breakers by turning them off and then on.

If the heat pump’s fan doesn’t work, start by resetting the circuit breaker. If that doesn’t help, contact an HVAC contractor. They might replace fuses or fix the circuit breaker. Possible issues are a bad connection, a seized blower motor, or a shorted controller board. If the circuit and fuse are fine, it could be the wiring. The contractor may fix the wires.

If the fan runs, try changing the thermostat to emergency heat. Check if warm air comes from the vents. The thermostat should be 5 degrees warmer than your home’s temperature. If warm air comes out, the outdoor unit has a problem. If not, the air handler or thermostat could be the issue.

Identify Other Signs Of Issues

If your heat pump won’t start, try checking for other signs of trouble. Look for humming sounds, leaks, or unusual behavior. For instance, if the heat pump turns on but quickly shuts off, a major part could be faulty. These signs help HVAC contractors find and fix the issue quickly.

It’s likely you’ll face a heat pump issue sometime. For more info on what to do when the heat pump won’t start, call Day Night HVAC at 571-568-6856. Our skilled technicians can help.

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